A quality education

empowers our children to succeed improves the economy & work force should not be a political agenda

With an upbringing in Coeur d’Alene, a professional mental health background, and experience working in the district, I will bring an experienced,  grounded, nurturing voice to the school board. I am committed to safe, high performing schools that will prepare our students for 21st century academic and career demands. Please vote Swingrover on November 2!

A quality education provides kids with more than just academic excellence...

it empowers our kids to pursue their goals in life.

I am running for school board because our community deserves excellent schools. Graduates need to be prepared for 21st century expectations and challenges. As a school psychologist, I also want to improve mental health support for our students to help keep them safe from one of the biggest threats to teens in our area: suicide.

About Me:

• Born in CdA—same hospital as my kids! 

• Married 16 years

• Four kids: three in public schools and one upcoming 

• Raised to respect and share the public service values of my father, Jeff Alltus (R), who served in the Idaho state legislature from 1994–2000 

• Attended public school (Bryan Elementary), private school (Noah’s Ark, Lighthouse, NICS, & Classical Christian Academy) and home school 

• A.A. from NIC; B.A. from Biola University (Psychology major, Biblical Studies minor); M.Ed. in Counseling and Human Services from the University of Idaho; and Ed.S. in School Psychology (also from U of I) 

• Idaho Pupil Personnel Certifications in School Counseling and School Psychology

• Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP), Member of national and state school psychology associations as well as the ISPA Ethics Committee 

• Worked as School Psychologist with District 271 since 2011 

• Foster and adoptive parent 

• Member of PTO – Treasurer, Staff Liaison, and School Auction Committee 

• Long-Range Planning Committee for District 271 

• Election poll worker

• Community volunteer for Art on the Green, Friends of Tubbs Hill, Run for 271, and more 

• I value data-based decision-making and age-appropriate standards 

On Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a specific academic movement that has been studied, developed, and critiqued by law students and legal scholars at the college and post-graduate levels for decades. More recently, “Critical Race Theory” and “CRT” have also been used by alarmists vaguely to refer to the alleged teaching of radical anti-American beliefs in a manner that sparks fear and outrage. It is impractical and illegal to teach these radical “CRT” beliefs at public schools in Idaho. I oppose the teaching of “CRT” in our district. There was a recent audit of our public school curriculum that confirmed that it is neither taught nor practiced in our district, in keeping with Idaho law. This finding was not a surprise to local educators and involved parents and community members who were actively engaged in the development and review of our curriculum just a few years ago. This process was conducted locally, in a methodical and transparent manner that included multiple rounds of comment and review. This locally developed curriculum was then openly displayed while the public was actively recruited to review and comment on it for a period of 30 days before it was approved and implemented. I have spent countless hours in classrooms throughout the many schools in our district over the last 10+ years and while I have grown to trust our teachers, I can also say from direct observational experience that they are not lying to the public when they report that “CRT” is not being explicitly or implicitly taught or practiced in our schools and that they would oppose and report it if it were.

On Vaccine Mandates

Vaccine mandates are outside the legal boundaries of what a school board can do in Idaho. This is another non-issue being propagated instead of focusing on real issues we can do something about, like teen depression and suicide.

My Leadership Focus & Direction

Parent Involvement

• Transparency • Listening to parent concerns • Finding common sense solutions

Mental Health

• Addressing isolation • Early intervention • Suicide prevention

Qualified Local Leadership

• Born and raised in CdA • School psychologist since 2010 • Long-range planning committee and PTO